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What is hemp and what are its benefits?

Hemp has been known and used since ancient times. This agricultural plant is used in the food and other industries. Industrial or fiber hemp and its products are legal in the EU and Lithuania. Varieties of hemp grown in Lithuania (eg Cannabis Sativa) in which tetrahydrocannabinol (THC - natural psychoactive substances) does not exceed 0.2%.

Hemp food products are especially nutritious and good for health, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. As a result, hemp products have experienced a renaissance in recent years. More and more people are rediscovering and including in their diets these products, such as: hemp tea, hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, hemp oil (CBD oil), hemp protein, hemp flour, hemp honey and more.

Hemp seeds are rich in beneficial fatty acids, proteins (amino acids) and dietary fiber, as well as minerals, iron and zinc. Hemp seed oil is low in saturated fat and rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which makes it especially valuable and beneficial for a healthy diet. The amino acids in hemp correspond to the amino acids in animal milk, meat and eggs, making hemp products very suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Another important feature is that hemp is classified as a gluten-free food, so it can be used by people on a gluten-free diet.

Hemp leaves and flowers accumulate a lot of cannabinoids during flowering. CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most valuable and researched cannabinoids. Research analyzing the health effects of CBD has been conducted for many years, and many studies (link to the article) show that this compound is effective in reducing anxiety, depression and symptoms of the syndrome post-traumatic stress. It is also relaxing but does not cause drowsiness, improves sleep, and can help relieve chronic pain.

Buy and enjoy the wonderful and natural hemp products produced in our organic hemp farm that have not only beneficial properties but also great taste.

Visit our Online Shop to find great hemp teas, hemp leaves and flowers teas and sets in a variety of flavors. Also buy and enjoy the power of hemp oil.

*Information is provided generally, collected from publicly available sources and articles, and should not be construed as medical or scientific material.


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    Zenon Hemp Farm

    Zenon Hemp Farm was established in 2014. Throughout all these years, we strive to provide customers with only high-quality products. When choosing varieties, we always pay attention to the beneficial properties of hemp.

    We mainly grow Felina 32, Futura 75, Finola, Kompolti, Dioice 88 and other CBD accumulating varieties.

    Since 2018 Zenon Hemp Farm is an certified ECO farm.

    Are you indifferent to ecology and protecting and preserving the environment?

    The cultivation of hemp makes a significant contribution to ecology. This plant absorbs particularly large amounts of carbon dioxide. Hemp has a much faster harvest that can be harvested several times a year in different countries. They contain a lot of the material used in the production of paper - cellulose, while wood has been growing for 60 years. This allows to produce hemp fiber paper faster without cutting down the forest.

    So, dear customers, by choosing hemp products and thus encouraging farmers to develop and expand the hemp market, you contribute to a greener tomorrow by reducing the impact of the climate as hemp is widely used for its unique properties: food, cosmetics, construction, etc.


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    Thank you for super fast deliver and my free teabags. think I’m going to have a great sleep tonight!!!


    Thanks for chasing up the parcel for me, it arrived yesterday as you said. Thank you very much for help and for tea bags, I’m enjoying a cup now.

    P. B.

    I’ve visited these fields in 2018. Great people.

    S. P. (Executive Director at the Cannabis Trades Association)

    Thanks Aivaras Trainovičius for speedy delivery & for the free samples. Looking forward to trying the fiddlers elbow grease

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    Parcel arrived safely. Very happy. About to have a cup soon. Hope to make order again soon.

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    Your tea is very good. Any of my friends that i have let try it, all enjoy it ask me to get them some. Is nice and relaxing and nice taste.

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    Best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Great products and tip quality customer service. My tea arrived the other day. Fantastic quality as usual. Thank you.



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