We, Zenon Hemp Farm, are a hemp grower in Lithuania and a producer of hemp products. We are a certified organic farm focused on the cultivation and production of the highest quality products. When you buy from us, you get the products directly from producer and and support us as growers.

If you are interested in wholesale of hemp raw or products, please contact us and we will discuss the terms of cooperation. If you have any questions about the goods in our online store, we are also waiting for your messages. Every customer is important to us!

Thank you for choosing our products!

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Zenon Hemp Farm contact information:


Enterprise name: Zenon Trainovič Hemp Farm

Address: Žvaigždžių g. 5, Trakų r., LT-25110, Lithuania

Farmer's license number: 0111850

Food management subject‘s register number: 790000785

Email: zenonhempfarm@gmail.com


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